5 Ways Advertisers Can Leverage Pinterest’s New Analytics Tool

Pinterest analytics

Pinterest just announced a new analytics tool available to advertisers. While the visual platform previously offered basic analytics, the new tool will provide a more robust scope into customer insights including pin impressions, repins, demographics and location info. Since releasing Promoted Pins last year, Pinterest has been slow to catch Instagram and Twitter in becoming a more advertiser-friendly platform. With the release of its new analytics tool, Pinterest advertisers will be better equipped to optimize […]

Google Incorporates Website Security into Organic Rankings: Performance Implications

https secure

Google’s most recent update will reward secured HTTPS sites (sites with SSL certificates that protect against data interception) with a slight increase in organic rankings. The search engine recently announced it will be incorporating website security as a ranking factor. The update is positioned around Google’s recent push to incentivize brands to create better user experiences—this time, around security. SSL encrypts user data, like credit card info, as it travels between a web browser and […]

3 Everyday Strategies to Turn Content into Conversions: Test, Learn & Optimize

tim blog post

Posted by Tim Gonzalez-Smith, Manager, Design & Development There are at least 3.3 billion pages of information on the Internet. For brands, this equates to 3.3 billion pages of content to compete with. While this understandably seems overwhelming, the good news is that success isn’t about content volume; it’s about user experience. What makes a brand stand out, fosters incremental visitors and brand loyalty, is optimal user experience. To illustrate, Google is consistently tweaking its […]

Twitter Continues to become more Performance-Focused with New Objective-Based Campaigns

twitter objective-based campaign

Social is no longer just a channel for branding; it can be used to drive measurable leads, sales and actions. A major 2014 trend in social has been the release of more performance-based opportunities. Recent performance opportunities include Twitter click-to-call ads to foster local traffic, as well as Twitter and Facebook “Buy Now” buttons for real-time social ecommerce. And now, Twitter has announced new objective-based ad pricing options for advertisers—called objective-based campaigns. Previously, advertisers could […]

Google Announces Exact and Phrase Match Update: Engine to Remove Opt-Out of Close Variant Matching for Advertisers

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Google recently announced an upcoming change to its keyword matching options for advertisers: impacting only exact and phrase match keywords, advertisers will no longer be able to select the advanced Search Network setting “do not include close variants.” Rolling out in late September, this update will mainly impact advertisers currently opting out of close variant matching for exact and phrase keywords. Close variant keyword matching was first announced by Google in 2012, allowing advertisers to […]