Search Happenings

Posted by JC Longbottom, Associate Product Marketing Manager From the Engines: ·         Google: New fonts for AdSense. ·         Google changes display URL policy. Other Topics of Interest: ·         comScore January search share numbers: Yahoo! up .5 points, Google down .5 points. ·         Symbols that can be used in paid search ads. ·         Facebook launches Facebook People. ·         comScore: Ecommerce sales grow 2% in January YOY. ·         The power of long-tail keywords. ·         Local mobile search […]

Performics Hosts eTail West Social Media for Retailers Event

Posted by Micheline Sabatté, Product Marketing Manager Today Performics hosted a social media Lunch & Learn for retailers at eTail West.  The focus of the event was how retailers can engage with their customers online through social media.  Speakers included Paul Ollinger, Southwest Regional Director of Sales for Facebook; Jeff Ragovin, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Buddy Media; and Surya Yalamanchili, who works on new products for

Driving ROI with Sponsored Video on YouTube

Posted by Andy Murray, Account Director One benefit of including YouTube in the marketing mix is the opportunity to achieve cost effective ROI by using sponsored video results. Sponsored videos are similar to paid search. Advertisers can bid on specific keywords to display their videos Due to low bid costs and limited competition. An advertiser can set an aggressive ROI goal for sponsored videos. The key is to decide on a spend number and stick […]

Search Happenings

Posted by JC Longbottom, Associate Product Marketing Manager From the Engines: ·         Google announces new tag to help prevent indexation of duplicate content. ·         Yahoo! announces Yahoo! Mobile. ·         Yahoo will include display and video paid search ads. ·         For the first time in its history, Baidu forecasts a decline. Other Topics of Interest: ·         Google testing SearchWiki to allow users to remove unwanted paid results. ·         SearchWiki also creates reputation management challenges. ·         Paid […]

What is a Relekey?

Posted by JC Longbottom, Associate Product Marketing Manager On our constant quest to determine relevant keywords we realized a deep need. There was no word to describe keywords that are a cornerstone of optimization. These words are often inadequately labeled as relevant keywords or target keywords. These force fitted names, while descriptive, lack the uniqueness these terms deserve. And thus the Relekey was born: Relekey [Rel-uh-kee] noun – 1.        A keyword that a Web site’s […]

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