Webinar Tomorrow! 1 PM EDT: Online Holiday Retail 2009: Tips, Tactics and Timelines for Success

Speakers: Eli Goodman & Matt Miller Is your business ready for the year-end holiday sales season? Whether you're a multi-channel retailer or you're selling purely online, the holiday retail season can be critical. It's not too early to start thinking about it now.  This webcast will help you prepare by giving you planning tools and an understanding of what you need to do — and when — in order to succeed online during the 2009 […]

Think Dashboards to Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture

Posted by Tara Kryck, Group Account Director   Often times, marketers get lost in the weeds when it comes to analyzing performance reports.  This can cause them to lose sight of the bigger goals and data points critical to the bottom line.  To help prevent this, I recommend utilizing both a short-term and long-term performance tracking dashboard.  Both dashboards should include pre-determined KPIs– trends of actionable data that key stakeholders really care about.  Search marketing […]

Dual Paid Search Strategy (ROI & Branding) is the Way to Go for Retailers

Posted by Lauren Woiteshek, Account Manager Retailers should have a ROI-focused search strategy, but during important promotions and seasonal events, they should also invest in high funnel generic keywords to drive brand awareness.  This branding strategy can vary depending on the particular promotion and budget, but should be used to reach consumers who are in the research phase of the purchase cycle.  Branding via paid search is particularly important given the current state of the […]

Expanded Search Query Report Reveals Opportunities to Improve Campaign Performance

Posted by Jenna Sheeran, Account Director Before Historically, Google has always lumped low volume traffic terms into groups (“other unique queries”) in the Search Query Report.  Search marketers were not able to see each of these “other unique queries” broken out by how many clicks each term drove.  In some situations, these groups could account for a large percentage of traffic volume for the campaign.  Not having transparency into exactly how much traffic each of […]

Search Happenings

Posted by JC Longbottom, Associate New Business Manager From the Engines: ·         Hunch: a new decision engine.  Hunch told me to eat my Cheetos with chopsticks. ·         Engines race to deliver real-time search. Other Topics of Interest: ·         Promote your social media presence. ·         Twitter’s tremendous growth levels off in May; Facebook keeps growing and finally outpaces MySpace in the US.  Users rush for Facebook vanity URLs. ·         Is Google scared of Bing? Google markets […]

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