Search Happenings

Posted by Dan Malachowski, Product Marketing Manager From the Engines: ·         New mail, messenger and search products from Yahoo!  Mail is more social. Other Topics of Interest: ·         Tweets will soon include longitude & latitude of where the tweet came from.  The feature is opt-in, but may still create some security issues since your followers will know exactly where you are.  Be sure to opt-out if you’re tweeting instead of working. ·         Retailers spend more […]

Google’s “Caffeine” Engine – Kind of a Big Deal

Posted by Sam Battin, Senior Search Strategist Google is currently testing its next generation natural search infrastructure.  Searchers can check out “Caffeine” and offer feedback directly to Google.  Performics has spent some time testing the Caffeine engine, and the results are interesting.  First of all, our testing has confirmed what others have found – there appears to be more sites in the Caffeine index than in the regular Google version, and the results are delivered […]

The Holiday Season is almost Here! Are you Delivering Content that Drives High Conversions?

Please join us for a Webinar on How to Improve Conversion Rates with Relevant Content  Thursday, August 27, 2009 2:00PM Eastern/1:00PM Central Register Today!   All attendees will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE Landing Page Analysis.   Matt Miller, Director, Vertical Solutions, and Julia Cardis, Senior Manager, Conversion Optimization, will share strategies on how to develop effective landing pages to capture more consumers, sales and leads during the 2009 holiday season. Matt […]

Search Advertisers at Cross-Roads; Continue with ROI Focus or Go After Market Share

Performics "Same Store" online retail data shows strong first half efficiency gains, July data shows these advertisers increasing spend Performics today released aggregate data from its clients ‟same store‟ online retail search marketing campaigns, illustrating important findings for advertisers, including an increase in first half ROI and a jump in July search spend. Signs point toward a possible shift among advertisers to increase search investment through the balance of 2009 and the holiday season. For […]

Search Happenings

Posted by JC Longbottom, Associate New Business Manager From the Engines: ·         comScore: Bing share rises from 8.4% to 8.9% in July, but Google searchers are more loyal. ·         Yahoo!’s social push. Other Topics of Interest: ·         White House sends unsolicited emails. ·         10 tips for Facebook Fan pages. ·         Twitter v. Facebook in real-time search. ·         National Retail Federation back to school purchase study. ·         Facebook: demand-generation machine. Some Fun Stuff: ·         12 most […]

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