Your Brand Needs Google Ad SiteLinks

Posted by Steve Durisin, Account Manager Recent industry press has questioned the cost efficiency of Google Ad SiteLinks.  While these articles are quick to point out conversion improvements, there seems to be some apprehension. The debate centers on whether marketers should even be paying for clicks to their brand names.  Detractors are quick to point out high organic positioning and customer reacquisition as justification for discounting SiteLinks’ value.  And there are a number of reasons […]

Free and Paid Facebook Marketing Opportunities

Posted by Dan Malachowski, Product Marketing Manager With more than 400 million users, Facebook is now the number two trafficked website in the world according to Only Google commands a larger audience. Facebook’s massive user base can no longer be ignored by marketers; but some are still not convinced that Facebook advertising should be a staple in every brand’s marketing mix. The Financial Times recently quoted WPP’s Martin Sorrell as saying, “[i]nvading these [social] […]

Pretty Pretty URLs for Pretty Pretty AJAX Search Engine Visibility

Posted by Sam Battin, Senior Search Strategist Do you want to optimize your site's AJAX content for visibility on search engines? Here's Google's grand plan explained! Recently, Google announced a new technique that will allow better visibility for your site’s AJAX applications.  AJAX is a usability technology that delivers instantly updated information to your visitors; it’s like being able to deliver the speed, power and accessibility of a desktop application through a browser.  When you […]

Search Happenings: Weekly Search Headlines

Posted by Dan Malachowski, Product Marketing Manager From the Engines: Facebook granted patent on the news feed. Google launches new Android Shopper app: find product information by taking pictures of books, CDs, etc. or scanning bar codes with your phone. Facebook becomes #2 most popular site in the United States. Yahoo! partners with Twitter to bring real-time search to the Yahoo! SERP. Other Topics of Interest: One in five search results are personalized by Google. […]

Performics Boosts Revenues for Client up to 20% with the Google AdWords Bid Simulator

Originally posted by Google in its Consumer Technology Industry Knowledge Center: Decisions, decisionsAs a top search and performance marketing agency, Performics provides marketing solutions to more than 125 of the world’s top brands.  The company’s search marketing experts know how vital it is to focus on the right keywords in any search-based advertising campaign and adjust maximum cost-per-click (CPC) accordingly. With this in mind, Performics has developed its own bidding algorithm that it uses on […]

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