Participatory Search: Bing’s Social Search Enhancements & Advertiser Implications

BACKGROUND Bing threw the latest punch this week in its ongoing battle against Google to socialize search.  On Bing, searchers who sync their Facebook accounts can now see personalized search results based on their friends’ opinions.  Bing’s enhancements—which come on the heels of Google’s launch of the +1 Button—showcase Microsoft’s powerful partnership with Facebook.  Bing’s search engine results page (SERP) now highlights “Liked” results from people in the searcher’s Facebook network.  For instance, the below […]

SEO Opinion Round-Up: Recent News

Posted by Sam Battin, Senior Natural Search Specialist This week we'll be presenting you with links to interesting stories about recent goings-on with Google. Our first story is about how Google apparently lifted Overstock's ban for trying to game Google by buying links from college sites.  If nothing else, it shows how quick Google can change their results when it feels like it: Next, we found out that Google and Bing have whitelists.  In other words, […]

Mobile-Minded Search Strategies

Part 3 of a series on mobile/local marketing Posted by Daina Middleton, CEO In my last post, “Get Local Fast & Effectively with Mobile Search,” I outlined a few benefits of embracing mobile paid search now. These include booming growth projections for mobile search, growth of mobile as a portion of overall paid search and mobile paid search as an easy entry to mobile marketing, and word is spreading quickly. Performics’ 2011 Mobile Insights Study […]

Top 5 Insights from Digital Hollywood (Advanced Analytics & Contextual Media Panel)

On May 6th, Performics CEO Daina Middleton moderated a panel at Digital Hollywood on Advanced Analytics and Contextual Media.  Panelists included: Jeff Smith, SVP, Marketing and Client Services, Vizu Corp Andrew Lerner, Co-Founder, Trust Metrics Nick Pahade, CEO, TRAFFIQ David Kopp, SVP Adv & Network Services, Healthline Networks Michael Benedek, President, Data Division, AlmondNet Shaukat Shamim, CEO and Co-Founder, Buysight We’ve aggregated the top 5 insights that came out of the panel.  Enjoy! 1. When it […]

Social SERPs: Social Media’s Growing Influence on Search Engine Results Pages

This blog was first posted on Social Media Marketing Magazine by Dana Todd, Vice President of Performance Innovation at Performics In “ancient” times (circa 1999-2009), traditional search engines were a one-stop shop for people to search, find, consider, and purchase things online. Then social media emerged. Facebook—with the help of Twitter, Foursquare, and others—enabled people to search, find, consider, and purchase things online with a little help from their friends. Now people spend more time […]

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