Post by Caterina Merenda, Marketing Specialist

Having a YouTube account to showcase your brand isn’t always enough. Typically, large brands have a YouTube account to post videos regarding brand awareness, information on their product/service, or other cultural aspects of their brand.

Many YouTube accounts are lacking content and SEO. The video may be the main attraction, but that doesn’t mean content should be left out. Here are our 7 tips for optimizing YouTube videos:

  1. Keywords: Choosing a primary and secondary keyword is important for your YouTube video. Choose keywords for a YouTube page the same way you would for a page on your company website. (Find keywords that are relevant to the page. What is the video about? What would someone search for if they were looking for this type of content?)
  2. <TITLE> Tag: The <TITLE> Tag is important for any page. It needs to represent the brand and subject matter, just as it would for a page on your company website.
  3. <H1> Tag: You can’t see the <H1> Tag on a YouTube page, but it’s still necessary to create one. Although it’s not visible, Google can still crawl the page and read the <H1> Tag, which can ultimately provide your page with SEO value.
  4. META Description Tag: The META Description Tag is displayed as the description for the YouTube page on Google.
  5. Video Description: The video description acts as content for the page. It serves as a key part of SEO value and a thorough explanation for users. Each page needs some type of content surrounding the subject matter to stay relevant.
  6. Video Transcript: Provide a text transcript for your YouTube video. According to, if you don’t take it upon yourself to create a word-for-word transcript, YouTube will create its own transcription for your video. Google will index this page, where keywords that you’ve selected may be omitted if YouTube doesn’t accurately transcribe the video. Without a proper transcription, the SEO value for the page may be altered.
  7. User Engagement: It’s just as important to make sure your video has views as it is to optimize content. Share your video and capture engagement; whether it’s on social media, your blog or your website, your YouTube videos need to have some kind of presence.

Optimizing YouTube videos is fairly straightforward and simple. By creating effective META data and gaining visibility for your YouTube videos, you will have a much better chance of ranking higher in the search engine results page (SERP) of Google.