Custom Landing Pages Enhance Marketing Effectiveness

Posted by Julia Cardis, Senior Manager, Landing Page Optimization

Effective landing pages serve as an extension of your ad, in which they engage and invite consumers to further interact with your site.  Performics highly recommends the use of custom landing pages rather than a generic home/category page or deep-linked category/product pages; custom landing pages are tailored to your target audience.

Download our full Custom Landing Pages White Paper to read about benefits and strategies for developing custom landing pages.


  1. Great whitepaper, custom landing pages are very important across all areas of online marketing, including social media. Thanks for the work.

  2. We created one for our buisness ( and wanted to be able to dynamically change the content on the Landing / Welcome page. This req’d custom dev work, so after a modest investment had a good site up w the call to action, etc. Unfortunately FB reformatted these pages, requiring all companies to rebuild within 6 months of go live. We declined the additional cost and changed the landing page to our Wall. By this time, the advertising rates for small buisnesses such as ours had become cost prohibitive, and we also have seen a very significant decrease in conversion rates from ads, crushing the ROI.

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