IsiahWhy Isiah is our December Gem:

Nominated by Colleen Lawson, Media Director, Client Solutions

To say that Isiah has helped the Local team over the past few months is an understatement. Isiah has played a crucial role in the Display tactic of our client engagement. When our clients came into the office for a planning meeting, I had asked Isiah if he could meet with them for 30 minutes. Isiah went above and beyond with an hour long presentation filled with informative slides and thought-provoking conversation. The clients were extremely pleased with the knowledge Isiah provided and were very happy with the decision they made to have Performics be their agency.

Performics is incredibly happy to have Isiah as a Local teammate and cannot think of anyone else that deserves this award more than him.

Isiah’s Gift Selection:

American Express Gift Card