Tim Gonzalez-Smith

Why Tim is our January Gem:

Nominated by Marissa DeLeon, Senior Web Designer, Performance Content

Agency Value(s): Motivate, Drive Performance & Optimize for Action

Tim Gonzalez-Smith GEM

1.) Communication is key, right? The result of Tim’s constant communication and providing transparency is a highly productive and efficient team.

2.) Without Tim’s training, support and encouragement, I would not have had the opportunity to advance myself professionally here at Performics.

3.) a.) Tim knows his stuff. He’s just like my dad. If I have a question about anything (work related or non-work related), he always has the answer or knows how to find it. b.) He’s a compassionate leader—not the ‘cute and fuzzy’ kind, but the ‘always keeping an open mind’ kind.

4.) Sugar coating is for cupcakes. Tim’s thrives as a leader because of his honesty. If we mess up, he tells us, and he tells us why keeping us grounded and focused.

5.) Tim is a huge advocate of achieving the most perfect work/home life balance.


Tim’s Gift Selection:

American Express Gift Card