With Yahoo! Gemini, advertisers get the performance and ease of search, combined with the scale and creativity of native advertising,Jay Rossiter, SVP of Yahoo!’s Cloud Platform Group

In January, Yahoo! advertising announced a new buying platform for advertisers called Yahoo! Ad Manager.  It provides advertisers with a simpler, more direct way to manage Yahoo! native advertising products such as Yahoo! Stream Ads, Yahoo! Image Ads and sponsored Tumblr posts.  Now, Yahoo! Gemini complements the new buying platform by unifying mobile search with native ads for tablet and mobile devices.  This is the first unified ad buying marketplace for mobile search and native ads.  Advertisers can now buy, manage and optimize mobile and native ads in one place to drive integration.

Gemini imageGemini launched through Yahoo! Ad Manager on March 10th for the first wave of advertisers, and it will roll out to other advertisers throughout March.  Advertisers are able to sync their Bing Ads campaigns with Yahoo! Ad Manager to create seamless integration between the two platforms.  Note that changes made in Bing AdCenter to mobile campaigns can sync with Yahoo! Ad Manager, but changes made in Yahoo! Ad Manager will not yet sync with Bing AdCenter.


By unifying the (1) native ad and (2) mobile search buying experiences, Yahoo! Gemini seeks to make it easier for advertisers to take advantage of Yahoo! native and mobile search opportunities, and exploit synergies.  Advertisers who use both Yahoo! native ads and Yahoo! mobile search should opt-in to Gemini.  Advertisers who don’t should consider Yahoo!’s native ad and mobile search opportunities.

Yahoo! Native Ads

Of late, Yahoo! has emphasized its native ad products.  Like Facebook Page Post Ads, Yahoo! native ads have the look and feel of “native” content, but the functionality of pay-per-click ads (bidded, real-time auction).  Because native ads mimic content, users are 25% more likely to view them vs. traditional banner ads.  Native ads also outperform banner ads on mobile devices, due to smaller screen sizes.  New native ad opportunities available in the Yahoo! Ad Manager platform include:

Gemini Table

Yahoo! Mobile Search

Forrester predicts that, by 2015, investment in mobile paid search will grow from $5.5B to $10.6B. With mobile being the main driver of global ad spend growth, search engines are looking to make it easier for advertisers to run mobile ads.  In July 2013, Google released Enhanced Campaigns (GEC), enabling advertisers to run joint desktop, tablet and smartphone campaigns (and taking away the ability to isolate smartphones or tablets into their own campaigns).  As competition on smartphones and tablets increases in GEC, smartphone CPCs are catching up to desktop (smartphone CPCs were 37% of desktop CPCs in August (right after GEC launch) vs. 68% of desktop CPCs in February (six months into GEC)).

Yahoo! Gemini has taken a different approach than GEC.  Unlike GEC, Gemini works to isolate mobile so that advertisers can utilize the most granular level of optimization.  As Gemini rolls out, we’ll pay close attention to the impact on Yahoo! mobile CPCs.  However, Yahoo! mobile competition, even in Gemini, may be light (Yahoo!’s mobile footprint remains relatively small; Google dominates with 90%+ of total mobile searches).  Yahoo! is beefing up its mobile experience though, creating new mobile content to draw users in, which could increase Yahoo! mobile search traffic.

Gemini signals a new overall mobile vision for Yahoo!  All advertisers should consider Yahoo!’s native ad and mobile search opportunities, as well as the integrated experience in Gemini.